Friday, August 22, 2014

Here's the Problem With "Let Justice Prevail for Officer Wilson" in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson

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My heart goes out to the Brown family and friends. Its unfortunate they cannot just have a peaceful burying, grieving and healing process for the death of their teenage son.

My heart goes out to Officer Wilson - our system has failed him. Whether he is guilty of unjust murder or not - we have a system that allows white people to perceive black men as thugs or drug dealers, first. We also have a gun culture of shoot first vs. a process of using all other manipulation techniques when being threatened (IF he was being threatened for his life by Brown - we don't know and may never know the truth because only one party is alive to tell their truth).

There are many people that are saying don't make assumptions and give Officer Wilson his day in court. He could have been justified in shooting the unarmed Michael Brown. (there is a rumor going around that Wilson's statement is that Brown was charging him, it would be nice if this is his statement to be transparent and let the public know about that vs. hearing it second-third hand by somebody who knew somebody who knows Officer Wilson).

Here's the problem with give it time before judging, let justice prevail (where do you people live canada)? There is no justice for the majority of young black men in America. The stats don't lie! Every time we are told to wait for justice to prevail in the shooting, beating or imprisonment of a black man, justice doesn't prevail.

We are just coming off another heartbreaking black teenager being murdered by a white pseudo law enforcement man for no other reason than being black (Trayvon Martin).

We all waited and hoped just like we did in the Rodney King trial and again justice was not served. How many times can black people (and white people who don't believe we have a just system for black people) wait it out,  hope for justice especially when its so obvious - and then justice not prevail... This shooting, to me is the tipping point. Enough is enough is what the sentiment is.

IT DIDN'T HELP THAT MICHAEL BROWN LAY IN THE STREET FOR 4 HOURS LIKE AN ANIMAL! That was the worst for all the people who saw that. Can you imagine your son or daughter laying in the middle of the street like that dead for 4 hours?! That is really what set this into an entire new place of disrespect and anger!

So the reason for those of us not waiting it out this time so our white justice system goes through it's process, because it doesn't work. The point of protests and calling out attention to this situation is to do more to get the process looked at with scrutiny every step of the way. And when something isn't right calling it out.

Hallejuiah, we have the Federal Justice System scrutinizing it as well! So maybe, just maybe with all these eyeballs on the case - it will be justice done correctly.

But as you can see there already is shit happening that isn't a just process but a very biased process to do everything they can to protect the white police officer and everything that can be done to smear Brown!!

Unfortunately, it is possible that Wilson was justified in this shooting and killing of unarmed Brown - but even if he was, because the justice system is unreliable - many people white, brown and black won't believe it! That is why Bob McCullough needs to step down - for the sake of justice and if Wilson truly is justified it will be more believable!

But the good news, to me is, if the justice process is the typical biased against the black man and they say Wilson had the right to shoot and kill the unarmed teenager then the Feds are going to come down hard on them. They have already collected enough evidence to charge the city, county and state of massive civil rights violations.

The reason there are 40 FBI agents investigating in Ferguson is not just for the shooting if Michael Brown its to look at the law enforcement &  court system through the lens of Civil Rights Violations.

So ultimately we will see some progress from this but only because people didn't wait for the truth to come out in the white justice system.

I also feel the good that will come out of this is that the majority black population in Ferguson (and other similar cities across the country) will wake up and vote in their local elections. That is where the power is. There is a chance too that elected officials can be recalled if justice is not played out.

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